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Product introduction
WatchDiDa is a convenient short video intelligent creation and marketing system, which allows users to quickly generate high-quality short video content, quickly optimize the search ranking of short video platforms, and quickly achieve private domain acquisition of short video platforms.Relying on short video platforms such as TikTok to help Foreign trade enterprise users develop overseas marketing markets.
TikTok Advantage
  • Top 150+ countries/regions entertainment download list
  • Global downloads exceeded 3 billion times
  • Global monthly active users1 billion+
  • Over 200,000+ content creators
Watch DiDa Advantage
  • Account Matrix Release
  • Flexible release strategy
  • Comprehensive data monitoring
  • Lead private domain conversion
  • Save cost and effort
  • Video Smart Clip
  • The platform automatically publishes
  • Video ranking exposure
  • Lock down user needs
  • Improve efficiency and performance
Core Value
  • Short video Marketing
  • Efficient Promotion
  • Low-cost customer acquisition
Product Functions
Intelligent creation of short videos (Automatic video editing)
Smart Video Clips
Generate videos in batches
Publish video regularly
Automatically distribute videos
Intelligent optimization of short videos(long-term drainage)
Account Matrix Creation
Video promotion exposure
Video search ranking
Video Performance Report
Diversified short videos to acquire customers (Private domain traffic conversion)
Intentional user consultation lead management
Short video comment interaction
Quick reply to short video comments
Short video traffic conversion
Product value
  • Increase brand exposure overseas
  • Increase overseas user traffic
  • Easily operate overseas accounts
  • Easily acquire overseas customers
  • Easily manage inquiries from overseas target users

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